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In agriculture, technological advancement has brought about many new trends, the most eye-catching of which is Potassium Silicate liquid. This substance has excellent potential to improve crop yield and quality, so it has attracted market attention. However, the recent increase in the price of Potassium Silicate liquid has also triggered heated discussions in the market. So, what are the characteristics of this new agricultural trend? What is the reason for the price increase?

(Potassium Silicate liquid)

Potassium Silicate liquid: a new star in the agricultural field

Potassium Silicate liquid, or potassium silicate, is a new fertilizer with broad applications in agriculture. It is rich in silicon and potassium elements and has a positive effect on the growth and development of crops. In addition, Potassium Silicate liquid also improves crop disease resistance and stress resistance, so farmers regard it as a “magic weapon” to improve crop yield and quality.

In recent years, as people’s attention to food safety and environmental protection continues to increase, new agricultural models such as organic and green agriculture have attracted much attention. As a new, environmentally friendly and efficient fertilizer, Potassium Silicate liquid has been widely used in organic agriculture. In addition, it is widely used to produce high-value-added crops such as fruit trees, vegetables, and tea, bringing considerable economic benefits to farmers.

(Potassium Silicate liquid)

Reasons for the price increase of Potassium Silicate liquid

However, the price of Potassium Silicate liquid has recently increased significantly. The main reasons are as follows:

1)Increased demand: With the development of organic and green agriculture and farmers’ pursuit of high-quality agricultural products, the demand for potassium silicate liquid continues to increase.

2)Increased production costs: As environmental protection policies become increasingly strict and raw material prices rise, the production costs of Potassium Silicate liquid continue to rise, causing the market price to rise.

(Potassium Silicate liquid)

3)Technical barriers: As a new type of fertilizer, the production technology of Potassium Silicate liquid is relatively high. Some companies cannot produce it on a large scale due to technical reasons, resulting in tight market supply and rising prices.

4)Trade protectionism: Recently, some countries have adopted trade protectionist measures to protect their agriculture and imposed high tariffs on imported Potassium Silicate liquid, making imports more complex and increasing market prices.

Coping strategies and suggestions

Faced with the rising price of Potassium Silicate liquid, businesses and farmers can adopt the following strategies and suggestions:

1)Reasonable use: Enterprises and farmers should rationally configure and use Potassium Silicate liquid according to crop growth needs and soil conditions to avoid waste and reduce usage costs.

2)Seek alternatives: On the premise of ensuring crop yield and quality, companies and farmers can actively look for alternatives to Potassium Silicate liquid, such as other types of organic fertilizers, biofertilizers, etc.

3)Pay attention to policy trends: Enterprises and farmers should pay close attention to national policy trends and understand changes in environmental protection policies, agricultural policies and other related policies to adjust production and business strategies promptly.

4)Strengthen technology research and development: Enterprises should increase technology research and development efforts, improve production processes and efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve market competitiveness. At the same time, we actively cooperate with scientific research institutions to develop new and efficient organic fertilizers and biofertilizers.

5)Expand sales channels: Enterprises should actively expand sales channels, explore domestic and foreign markets, increase product exports, and reduce price pressure in the domestic market. At the same time, we will strengthen cooperation with large agricultural enterprises to promote organic and green agriculture development jointly.

6)Training farmers: Enterprises and governments should strengthen training for farmers, improve farmers’ understanding and use of organic fertilizers and biofertilizers, and guide farmers to fertilize and plant rationally scientifically. At the same time, strengthening environmental awareness publicity and education activities to improve farmers’ environmental awareness and understanding of organic agriculture will help promote the development process of organic and green agriculture.


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