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What's the bearing paint rust mechanism

wallpapers News 2021-10-15
First of all, understand the phenomenon and characteristics of bearing paint rust:
Paint rust mainly appears in closed motor or closed packaging storage motors. This is mainly because the rust of the closed motor paint is not easy to escape. The characteristics of the rust phenomenon are mainly as follows:
1. Place of occurrence: Usually in the southern region with high temperature and humidity and the coastal region with high humidity.
2. Occurrence time: Usually in the sultry season, the proportion of motor in storage is the highest in April, May and June every year, because, at this time, the motor is prone to condensation due to climate change after storage.
3. Motor type: usually closed motor or closed storage.
4. Bearing rust has obvious direction, close to the rotor end is more serious than the other end, pick off the seal cover can smell a very strong paint smell, sometimes the bearing internal rust is more serious than the outside.
5. The bearing grease with rust has a special rust smell, similar to the smell of insulating paint.
6. The occurrence of rust phenomenon mostly appears in the case of solvent-based insulating paint, sometimes the use of solvent-free paint will also occur (insufficient drying time).
Bearing paint rust mechanism
Bearing paint rust is affected by internal and external factors: bearing paint rust for the motor is caused by the reaction of the acid molecules volatilized by the insulation paint of the motor stator and moisture absorbed by grease. With the type of insulating paint, stator drying process, motor storage environment. When using amino or phenolic insulating paint, the molecular chain of the paint is very unstable in the hardening process and low molecular substances will escape. Such as formaldehyde, when the temperature and humidity are appropriate, formaldehyde reacts with water molecules in the weather to produce formic acid, which will hydrolyze the grease and corrode the bearing to produce paint rust.
The paint rust smell was analyzed by infrared spectrophotometer, and it can be seen that there is a unique absorption spectrum line of paint rust, which is the same as that of iron formate (characteristic absorption peak). It can be considered that formic acid causes rust.
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