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What is the general scale of an electric vehicle charging station?

wallpapers News 2021-06-28
An electric vehicle charging station is a site for charging electric vehicles. With the popularization of electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging stations will surely become the focus of the development of the automobile industry and the energy industry. Electric vehicle charging stations can better solve the problem of DC fast charging and save energy and reduce emissions.
AC charging station
According to the conventional charging data of electric vehicles, a charging station is generally configured with 20-40 electric vehicles. This configuration is to take full advantage of the evening valley electricity for charging. The disadvantage is that the utilization rate of charging equipment is low. If charging is also considered during peak hours, 60 to 80 electric vehicles can be used to configure a charging station. The disadvantage is that the cost of charging increases and the peak load is increased.

DC fast charging
According to the data on fast charging of electric vehicles, a DC fast charging is generally configured to charge 8 electric vehicles at the same time.

Mechanical charging
Small mechanical charging stations can be considered in conjunction with the construction of conventional charging stations, and larger capacity transformers can be selected according to needs. Large-scale mechanical charging stations generally configure a large-scale mechanical charging station with 80-100 sets of rechargeable batteries at the same time. It is mainly suitable for the taxi industry or the battery rental industry. It can charge 400 sets of batteries without interruption in one day.

Portable charging
Equipped with a three-phase four-wire meter and an independent parking garage, you can use the existing residential power supply facilities to put a 10mm2 or 16mm2 line from the residential distribution box to a dedicated socket in the garage to provide portable charging power.
General residence
With fixed centralized parking garages, underground parking garages are generally required (for charging safety considerations). The original power supply facilities of the community can be used for transformation, and the existing load capacity of the community must be considered, including the load of valley power. The specific plan should be determined according to the power supply facilities and plans of the community and the building environment of the community.

The development of car charging stations
The construction of charging stations and small charging piles and other facilities can also transform some of the existing gas stations that are too densely distributed into charging stations. This kind of charging station looks similar to a gas station, but the investment cost is only 10% of that of an ordinary gas station, and the safety requirements are lower than that of a gas station.
France finances the long-term innovation of electric vehicles and their parts. The electric power company, led by EDF, prepares a budget of more than 110 million francs (accounting for 0.05% of the company’s operating income) and invests in the research and development of batteries and chargers. A charger, all important parking lots are equipped with chargers, equipped with special plugs for charging electric vehicles.
Germany also plans to exempt electric vehicle taxes and weight taxes within five years; companies that develop electric vehicles can enjoy a five-year tax exemption. Most charging stations (68%) are completely free, and a small number of charging or parking fees are charged.
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