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Preparation and storage of nickel alloy powder

wallpapers News 2021-07-08
Nickel is the main element of nickel alloy powder. This is a highly versatile material that can be cast into alloys with most other metal alloys. Commonly used nickel-based superalloys include nickel alloy IN625 and nickel alloy IN718. These alloys have high strength at high temperatures and good corrosion resistance in extreme environments and can be widely used in various high-demand 3D printing applications. Aircraft gas turbines, steam turbine power plants, and nuclear power systems are a small part of the demanding applications that use nickel alloys.
Nickel has good mechanical, physical, and chemical properties. Adding appropriate elements can improve its oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength, and improve certain physical properties. Nickel alloy powder can be used as materials for electron tubes, precision alloys (magnetic alloys, precision resistance alloys, electric heating alloys, etc.), nickel-based high-temperature alloys, nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloys and shape memory alloys. Nickel alloys powder are widely used in sectors such as energy development, chemical industry, electronics, navigation, aviation, and aerospace.
1.Vacuum melting:
Load the nickel-based super alloy master alloy bar into the crucible of the atomizing powder making furnace, and use the intermediate frequency power supply to inductively heat the bar under the vacuum degree below 0.1Pa;
2. Degassing:
After melting the alloy, vacuum degas for 15min~20min;
3. Refining:
Fill the atomized powder making furnace with high-purity argon to 0.1 MPa, and heat the molten master alloy melt in the temperature range of 1600°C~1650°C for 1min~15min;
4. Atomization:
The molten master alloy melt is flowed down through the draft tube at a mass flow rate of 5kg/min~10kg/min, and the metal stream is broken into fine droplets with 3MPa~5MPa high-pressure, high-purity argon gas, and the droplets are cooled and solidify to form a spherical powder, which enters the nickel alloy powder collecting tank;
5. Sieving: After the nickel alloy powder is sufficiently cooled, it is sieved under a high-purity argon atmosphere, and the powder with a particle size of 50 μm or less is sieved for vacuum packaging; the purity of the high-purity argon is 99.999wt%, and the oxygen content is Less than 0.0001wt%.
The nickel alloy powder should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse, away from fire and other heat sources. The relative humidity should be kept below 75%. The packaging must be sealed and protected from moisture.
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